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The Awards Program

As an educational and charitable organization, one of our major functions is to provide music awards to local high school graduating seniors.  Applications for student auditions are available in early Spring.  Candidates perform before a panel of judges and winners are chosen based upon excellence in performance.  Awards are given in both vocal and instrumental categories and are presented at the annual June awards program, when the award winners share their performance before the Club. 

These awards are not scholarships, but awards given for past excellence in musical performance.  There is no requirement that an applicant further pursue music or attend an institution of high learning.

The total amount of award money available is determined each year by the Board of Directors as part of the budget process.  Within this limit, the Awards Committee determines the number and value of awards to be granted. 

Membership dues do not completely cover the cost of the awards program;  the program is heavily dependent upon donations and contributions.  Your donation is graciously welcome – see Support for information on how to contribute.

For more information on the awards program, contact:
Sue Pierce, Jane Scheibner, or Barry Peters -- Click HERE for contact details

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