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The Founders

Who were the 12 women who started Harmony Club? 

Some were singers, some played instruments, some were music teachers and church musicians, a couple were composers, a couple playwrights, a couple were dramatic readers.  One was a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music in London, one was active in politics.

During 2015-2016, we’ll be filling in their biographies one or more each month.  Click on a highlighted name for details.  Check back each month for added information.

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Charter Members of Harmony Club


* Hannah W. Thomas (Mrs.William B.)


Frances B. Alexander (Mrs. Arthur W.)

Lillian M. Benedict

* Elizabeth Britton

* Mary DeNio

Jane (“Jennie”) I. McClatchey (Mrs. Andrew J.)

* Edith M. Pierce (Mrs. Frank W.)

* Marie M. Rosenthal (Mrs. Charles R.)

* Edith M. Ryan (Mrs. Merle V.)

Emma Willard Toal (Mrs. William)

* Alma Louise Waite (Mrs. Leslie J.)

Alice Elizabeth Wales (Mrs. B. Roger)

* indicates a past President


Special Mention

Allene K. Bixby (Mrs. Leroy R.)

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