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It Started With a Dream...

Charter Members Lillian Benedict, Elizabeth Britton, and Edith Ryan each left us their recollections of the birth of Harmony Club.  They differ somewhat in the details, but here is what we’ve put together:

“Hannah Thomas had a dream and that dream kept recurring to ….  She believed with all her heart and soul that this valley of ours needed a Women’s Music Study Club.” 

“Twelve intimate friends, having a love for music, met each month to enjoy and exchange ideas….  Thus in the fall of 1925 these twelve women met at the Burlingham Tea Room on Chestnut Street and outlined a plan for organizing a club.

The club was to be called The Harmony Club of Binghamton, NY.  The object of the club was the study and enjoyment by its members of music…embracing the study, constructive criticism and performance of vocal, instrumental, and choral music, including biographical sketches of various composers under consideration.” 

Hannah “made it very clear that the main purpose of such a club would be the study of music.  Surely we should perform, but the study of music came first.  All agreed with her, and before we knew it, a new club was born.”  Hannah was elected the first President.

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