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Please note:  Because of music copyright and licensing regulations and Club policy, it is not permitted to record audio, video, or photograph our programs, in part or whole, for publication, posting, or social media sharing, without advance written permission of the Club.


October 7  11:30 AM
Where: The A-Trio, Endwell (luncheon for members/guests) (MAP)
Title:  “90th Anniversary Luncheon & Fashion Show”  (Fair Winds performing) 
Coordinators:  Polly Wendling and Joan Englehart

November 4  1:00 PM
Where: First United Methodist Church, Endicott (MAP)
Title:  “90 Years of Making Music Together”
Coordinator:  Bonnie DeForest

December 2  1:00 PM
Where: First Presbyterian Church, Endicott
Title: “Sing, Ring, or Play: It’s our Favorite Holiday”
Coordinators:  Barbara Herne and Bonnie DeForest

January 6  1:00 PM
Where: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Binghamton
Title:  “Teen Opera of the Southern Tier” (Tony Villecco)
Coordinator:  Joanne Peters

February 3  1:00 PM
Where: First United Methodist Church, Endicott (MAP)
Title:  “Stormy Weather”
Coordinators:  Lee Shepherd

March  2  1:00 PM
Where: St. James Roman Catholic Church, Johnson City
Title:  “Women Composers”
Coordinator:  Cathy Hammons

April 6  1:00 PM
Where: Union Presbyterian Church, Endicott
Title:  “Music of the Spheres”
Coordinator:  Dave Schriber

May 11  7:00 PM
Where: First United Methodist Church, Endicott (MAP)
Title:  “Ensembles and Chamber Music” – Joint Program with STMTA
Coordinators:  Joanne Peters, April Lucas

June 8  7:00 PM
Where: St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Church, Binghamton
Title:  Annual Harmony Club Awards Program
Coordinators:  Missy Goetz, Cheryl Labban

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